Lizl Naude Interior Decorator

Ashley Naude Project Manager

 Additional Information
  •   An energetic project manager with excellent experience which manage all our projects.
  •   Qualified Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Foremen, Project Managersl  We have established teams    which are responsible for the different trades of the building.
  •   Own Transportation infrastructure in operation.
  •   Conducting building and maintenance in all areas of Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng.
  •   Service provider for the EDCON group
  •   Good Administrative system and Corporate Governance in place.
  •   Deadlines are constantly met.
  •   A strong and established network of labour, experience and workmanship to commit to bigger projects
 The Chosen Promise

We want to constantly exceed the expectations of our clientele. Our objective is to deliver on time every time.

 Wealth and Income Distribution

 In order to implement Broad Based Economic Empowerment and the distribution of wealth we at Chosen have  employed a structure whereby Project Managers obtain a share in their respective building projects.